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Needy undergraduate students may qualify for up to ,500 in Perkins loans each year; with a cumulative maximum borrowing limit of ,500, over the course of a student’s college career.

Graduate students qualify for up to 00 annually, with a lifetime borrowing threshold of ,000.

Financial aid administrators match-up your college funding requirements with whatever grants, scholarships and loans are available to tackle your bills.

If your ability to pay for school is significanly hindered by your economic background, Perkins loans bridge the affordability gap that remains after all other forms of financial aid are exhausted.

Repaying your Perkins Loan on time actually helps you build credit, so responsible borrowing for education should not be under-utilized.

The school you attend becomes your Perkins lender, and not all universities participate in the program.

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A lion’s share of federal financial aid originates from the Pell Grant and William D. Select economically disadvantaged students are eligible for additional student aid designed to increase college access for society’s neediest groups.

Perkins Loans are packaged with a 5% interest rate and a 9-month grace period.

As long as you are enrolled in college at least half time, your loan interest does not accumulate.

The application gathers data about your family and finances.

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Income, assets, number of familiy members and other relevant points are compiled to create a comprehensive snapshot of your family’s ability to contribute to your higher education expenses.

Formal offer letters from university financial aid offices break down the types of assistance the college is extending to you.